Thursday, February 1, 2007

RSS Feeds

I've learned that RSS means "Really Simple Syndication" or a file format for delivering regularly updated information over the web.

If you have an RSS feed you don't have to constantly visit a variety of websites for the updates and look through all the ads and old information. Instead the reader will present it to you in an easier to read format. Usually one page with a link and summary of the information so you know if you want to look at all of it or part of it or just delete it.

Different sources for finding feeds of interest are
Webpages also indicate if they have feeds available by placing a small orange box on their site with the letters RSS, XML or ATOM. To add a feed from a website click on this box. It will show the feeders URL. Then copy the URL into your feed reader.

FireFox can automatically detect feeds and will display a small orange box in the lower right corner of the window. The user can click the box and FireFox will help you set up the feed. FireFox calls this Live Bookmarks.

From the Tutorial: An RSS feed shows you a file containing the latest additions to the site's content and is usually stored in XML. Most blogs and increasingly news sites, search engines and other web services are publishing these RSS feeds. People also have begun to create aggregators (aka feedreaders of newsreaders). Aggregators collect RSS feeds from many sites and present the new content on a single page.

Okay, so this is how Corey's "your enewspaper" page works and how he has our computer set-up at home each evening to load the daily comics we follow including Unshelved. Well, that's one less "computer mystery" for me.

I have a feeling this service would be much more useful to me if I had more time to spend searching the net. Since I've subscribed to all the links that come under "bookworm" in bloglines plus news and other sites from their top 50 list and the three staff blogs and three blogs from the list, I'm not sure I'll even have time to look at all of them. If I do, I think I'll have to choose my favorites and eventually delete the others that I didn't have time to check out or didn't find as useful.

Library Feeds

Using Feedster was frustrating. It found lots of articles with the word library or librarian in them but the blogs weren't actually about libraries, reading etc. It did find some for library technical staff (as in computer staff not cataloging). It did find the Library Information Science News listed above, but when I clicked on the feeder symbol it brought up (I'm not sure what that is but it doesn't go anywhere. I clicked on the article title and that took me to the main page of lis and from there I used there XML symbol and subscribed. Info for librarians collections of related date from the deep web organized into library's Ex. articles, websites etc. about accessibility needs and issues Unshelved Comic strip Blog for library staff and librarians in training

I found these sites using syndix8 in just a couple of clicks. I did have to scroll down to the bottom of the window to find a search since "library" isn't a commonly searched for topic. But it was easy to use and it found over 300 related feeds. Didn't easily yield any library feeds or blogs but it would be great for news junkies.

Interesting Site
I also found an interesting site while searching with Feedster. It's not an RSS but was a sponsored link that showed up to the right side of the search results It's a company selling addresses and names of librarians in academic, public, children's and special libraries. So, if your wondering where some of your library related "junk mail" came from...

Other interesting library sites:
Library Grrls!
The days and nights of the lipstick librarian, Adventures of an infomage in Training -

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