Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Google Docs

This is so neat! I didn't realize that Google had all these different applications set-up already. If you only needed basic stuff they could replace MS Office. Of course that won't go over well in Seattle.

The big advantage, besides currently being free applications is that you don't have to worry about the format the person/company that you want to send it to has.

I had recently been sent a Google document and didn't even realize it, until I clicked on docs and spreadsheets today and there was this flier I had looked at by opening the attachment. It's spacing and set-up was so much better looking directly at the document as my friend intended rather than as an attachment.

I didn't immediately figure out how to change the name of my document from the first few words on the page to what I actually wanted as a title. But then I remembered this is on the Web, so I tried clicking on the title and that let me change it.

Also, this may have just solved two problems for Corey and I. His dad is wanting a calendar program and his mom wants to do presentations but was shocked when she learned how much PowerPoint costs. She had a class at William Woods and learned how to use it, but her computer would also have to be upgraded just to run it, so it's cost prohibitive. His parents already have a Gmail account (something I set-up for them earlier) so now, if I can just find the time to thoroughly test the two programs (because they will come up with all sorts of questions), then they can both do what they want and need to do without purchasing expense software.

The Zoho applications look interesting too. I also plan to check into the Zoho calendar marking more thoroughly before recommended this to Corey's Dad.

I decided to make this all in italics to see what happens when I publish it to my blog. Just to see if the italic type transfers.

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Robin said...

Google docs is the bomb, isn't it? I'm using it right now to take notes in a class! Google also offers a calendar application that your parent-in-laws can use, and Google is planning to add presentation software to their docs & spreadsheet offerings - pretty soon, Google will take over the world - or at least Microsoft's part of it.