Saturday, February 17, 2007

You Tube

Well, I'm not sure about finding a U Tube video that's useful in libraries but I have found a couple that are entertaining: Betty Glover Library Workout Tape Ad & the one I choose to insert No Cookies in the Library.

I did come across a video that a library created for it's new building campaign, New Vestavia Hills Library Campaign Video as well as one a college library used to encourage students and faculty to use the library - Library Welcome Video.

Videos that had quality video and sound whether voices or music were more interesting and enjoyable. Maybe YouTube could be used to show major programs such as the Ren Fest or introducing teens to different sections of the library.

Here are some other video titles that are amusing. Dexter's Lab - Dexter's Library, Turbo Hamster, Tic in a Spin Dryer, and Crasy Cats (yes they spelled it with an "s").

Podcasts are non-musical audio or video broadcasts on the Internet. Podcasts often use RSS feeds which makes them different from streaming videos. You can use an iPod, MP3 player or any PC for podcasts. One explanation of a podcasts is "Podcasts are like a radio show that you can listen to anytime." They allow anyone to broadcast their opinions and imagination. Yahoo's Podcast search gives you staff suggestions and top 100 most popular podcasts that other Yahoo users are viewing. I choose to do my other search. It found a whole bunch of library related podcasts. I choose The Library Channel to add to my bloglines account. It was as easy to subscribe and add it to Bloglines as it was to add newsfeeds and blogs. Now, to just find the time to listen and read all of these.

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