Friday, February 2, 2007


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<span - Create custom images" src=""> ImageChef was a lot of fun to experiment with and easy to use. There were so many cool photo ideas at FD Toys, it was hard to know which one to try first. But I decided on the Mosaic and created a mosaic of the theater group's most recent mystery night held in November. Anybody recognize the leggy girl in third row across and third row down? Yes, that's former staff member, Sarah Falter. See what kind of fun stuff you support when you buy peanuts?
Letter James wasn't as interesting to me at this time. Maybe if I had a bunch of personal photos I wanted to make a calendar with, or wait a minute, I can do that at FD Toys too. had some neat stuff too. Including a Glitter Text Generator but it didn't appear to be compatible with blogger. It will work with MySpace though.
There's a neat text scrambler at You have to try it to believe it. You type in a couple sentences. It scrambles the inner letters and no matter how long the word your brain will still interpret the message correctly. For example here is my text scrambled:
Tihs semes srgtnae taht it cuold alultcay wrok but lte's gvie it a try. I wnoder if aynnoe wlil be albe to raed tihs wehn it is slecbamrd.
Okay, the last word would be a little hard to figure out if you didn't know what the text generator was doing. Just in case it's so easy for me to read because I wrote it, here's the text as I typed it in to the scrambler.
This seems strange that it could actually work but let's give it a try. I wonder if anyone will be able to read this when it is scrambled.
I could definitely, spend a lot of time playing with these generators and probably not even test one percent of what's out there on the net.

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